Household Hacks

Nickie Carrigan is a busy mom and owns her own business. You’ve seen her on Twin Cities Live teaching Steve and Elizabeth how to do push-ups with the correct form but today she shares some of her favorite household hacks.

Problem: You don’t always have time to go grocery shopping every week and when you do you end up buying more than you need to and the produce goes bad.
Solution: Order your groceries ahead of time via Hy-Vee and use curbside to go.

Problem: You struggle with finding the time to make dinner and you want to get out of a recipe rut.
Solution: CobornsDelivers has partnered with Let’s Dish! You can order meals so there is always have a go-to in your freezer.

Problem: You don’t have a consistent cleaning schedule.
Solution: Use Amazon Prime and order in bulk. Have your cleaning supplies come on a 6 month plan so you don’t run.

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