SuperSaver: January Deals

If one of your New Year Resolutions was to get ripped, good news, gym memberships are cheaper in January. Gyms are waiving fees and giving you all the free trials just to get you in the door. More obvious, but something else on sale this month is coats!

But TCL’s Super Saver, reporter Kelli Hanson says there are more January deals to be had. Here’s what she found….

1. White Sale – this started back in 1878 when department store pioneer, John Wanamaker, held the first White Sale as a way tpo sell excess bedding stock dyring a normally slow time of year. All the linens he sold were a shade of white.
– In January you’ll find towels, sheets and bedding of all kinds on sales

Examples: – the online store is offering up to 70% off as part of their Winter White Blowout – Macy’s is having a huge warehouse sale this week! This includes 40-60% off bed and bath – Target is offering up to 30% off bed and bath

2. Vacations
In January, the travel industry tried to lure in vacationers with lower prices. We found a great deal on a flight from Minneapolis to NYC. Check it out here.

3. Home Furniture
New Furniture style shit the showroom floor twice a year – February and August. Because stores need to make room for new arrivals, you can expect to see price cuts on all their remaining inventory. This includes floor models, don’t be afraid to ask about sample pieces if you don’t see them priced.

*Bonus Sales – don’t forget about Martin Luther King Jr. Day Sales. The Holiday is Monday, January 15th.

Here’s what experts say not to buy in January – TVs! You’ll see sales because of the Super Bowl, but historically the best time to buy a TV is in November.

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