Heirloom Photography

If you’ve ever searched for a picture of a grandparent, a picture of them in their element at home and realized all you have are posed family portraits, you’re not alone. Many people don’t think to take picture of their aging loved ones doing mundane things like cooking, reading or playing scrabble. It’s something Saint Paul mom and photographer, Sarah Hudson, realized was missing from her line of work and it’s why she created something called Heirloom Photography where families get to hold on to memories. Twin Cities Live reporter Kelli Hanson gives us a behind the scenes look.

Sarah Hudson is a lifestyle photographer in St. Paul, Minnesota. Sarah’s photography focus is capturing the everyday life and moments of our parents, grandparents and senior friends. Sarah’s unique Heirloom Sessions document and unearth the beauty of aging by telling a story that is often not captured.

The Heirloom Session photos capture the personality, hobbies, and homes of seniors. While society often sends the message that we need to fight or hide aging, Sarah is determined to shine a light by documenting our loved ones very simply. There is beauty and value in both our joys and struggles. Heirloom Sessions aim to document that so our stories can be passed down to the people who love us most.

Sarah says this about her work, “We always think to capture those big milestones in life when we are younger, but our story does not end when we get older. Aging is our next beautiful milestone and it is worthy of celebration.”

If you want to hear more about Sarah’s Heirloom Session you can find the details here.

You can follow her current work on Facebook or find her on Instagram.

*Twin Cities Live viewers who book a session before January 31st will receive a 25$ discount off of their session.*

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