Backyard Rinks

Minnesotans love winter and they love their ice rinks. There are all sorts of cool rinks across Minnesota. That includes the Regan family’s yard. It has been Dan Regan’s dream to have his own ice rink for his kids. He finally got his wish this year.

The Regan’s built their house around the rink. Really! Their house is new and they wanted to make sure the rink fit. After some hard work and determination (and even some hiccups) the family is enjoying every moment they can. Dan’s wife, Korie, says it’s been a lot of fun to see all of the excitement around the hockey rink. Korie is from Texas, but says she’s sold on hockey in Minnesota. Korie and Dan have five kids. Ryan is nine, Ford is eight, Margie is five, Christian is four and Conway is three. They hope their youngest gets on the ice next year!

Your rink could be featured next on Twin Cities Live! You could also score some Caribou Coffee to warm up. Click here to send us a photo of your backyard rink.

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