Bloomington Ice Garden

Bloomington Ice Garden has been around since 1970. It’s the spot where all sorts of kids and even adults have learned to skate. Bloomington Ice Garden, also known as BIG, has three rinks. One of those rinks is Olympic sized. It seats twenty five hundred people.

BIG has all sorts of events and options. There’s open hockey, figure skaters’ pro ice, an open skating schedule and a skate lessons. They even do an ice show.

Reporter Emily Engberg has as history of falling on the ice. She’s never really taken a lesson more than a few minutes. So, we sent her to Bloomington Ice Garden to learn to skate. Her teacher Rene Gelecinskyj was not only patient, but she actually got Emily moving. Without falling! Emily had a great time and can’t wait to go back. We can’t wait for her to go outside and show off her skills.

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