Myths About Divorce

There is a lot of information out there about divorce and you might think you would know what to do if you were ever facing that decision. You might even think you know enough to give advice. Many times what you might think – might, in fact, be wrong. From the law firm, Terzich and Ort, Jodi Terzich and Shannon Ort debunk some of the myths.

1. When you file someone has to move out of the house
Filing for divorce does not require anyone vacate the joint home. Often people agree to move out but there is no requirement. You cannot even ask the court to order someone to leave for months.

Or if you leave you have abandon your house or kids.
False: you can move out of the house and you have not given up any interest in the property, the items in the house or your claim for custody.

2. When you file for divorce your accounts are frozen
False: When you file for divorce your bank accounts and credit accounts remain. The bank does not stop either party from using accounts

3. That it matters who files for the divorce first
There is no advantage or disadvantage in being the person who starts the divorce.

4. Having a nasty/aggressive lawyer is helpful
Having a skilled lawyer that can help you understand the law and take the emotion out of the situation is helpful. The lawyers that know the Judges, mediators and other lawyers is helpful.

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