Super Saver: Best Budgeting Blogs

If budgeting and really saving some cash is at the top of your list this year, our Super Saver has found some resources you’re gonna want to jot down. Twin Cities Live reporter Kelli Hanson found a few of the best budgeting blogs online.

The Simple Dollar can help you wade through the Credit Card pool. They’ve done all the work for you – which is the best overall, which card is great for families, which card is best for everyday cash back? You’ll even find articles explaining why you should have a credit card – even the richest people have one and they do it for the rewards. Need a loan? This blog will help you find a loan and compare rates.

Squawk Fox is a very visual budgeting blog with easy to download budget spreadsheets. If you like to be visual with your money and want to see exactly where you’re spending it, there’s a spreadsheet for that. This blog has several different categories, including how to make more money at work. It even dives into how to get out of a bad job by writing a great resignation letter.

Len Penzo challenges people to live off of $40,000 a year – even if they make more. He even features readers who successfully live like this and they share their tips. Len Penzo loathes debt, so much so he saved enough during high school and college to pay for his entire college career, including room & board, books and education without opening a single loan.

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