TCL in Your Town: Winter Fun

TCL In Your Town is featuring all things Bloomington. The list is a long one. There are tons of things to do in the city. With the Super Bowl here this year, Bloomington is getting in on the fun. Not only is the city the home of Mall of America, but it’s also home to all sorts of restaurants and hotels. Many guests coming for the big game will be staying in the city.

South Loop is an area that makes up condos, city offices and hotels. From February first to the third, there’s a special event called Illuminate South Loop. It will feature all sorts of art installations, musical guests from the cities, warm drinks, food and bonfires. The event is designed to encourage community involvement in what’s going to be a fun weekend full of all sorts of events.

There are so many other things to do in Bloomington. Everything from Fat Biking and hiking to nature walks that are perfect for grabbing the best pictures outside. The Cedar Avenue Bridge is a hot spot for cool views and pictures. And if you want adventure, there’s plenty of that. The Ski Jump in Bloomington is where athletes get to show off their skills. Some folks go as fast as fifty miles per hour and then soar some three hundred feet in the air.

To learn about these activities and so much more:

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