Super Bowl Preps: Mall of America

There’s a ton of excitement leading up to the Super Bowl. There’s also a lot of work being done. Mall of America has been working hard to make sure it’s not only fun, but also safe during all of the activities.

Mall of America is host to all sorts of events, including Radio Row. That’s where hundreds of media folks will be locked in and ready to report. The mall has spent months and months of planning making sure everything is not only ready, but also fun for visitors. People coming out to the Mall of America will see the media working. They are near the food area in the north entrance of the mall. Perfectly placed above them, you’ll see flags representing previous Super Bowl tickets.

The excitement is growing. The Mall of America is expecting holiday like traffic. There will be visitors coming in from all over the country.

Radisson Blu at Mall of America is already planning for busier than normal traffic. They have ordered extra shipments of champagne, wine, and other liquor and beer. In fact, they anticipate having shipments coming in daily to keep up with the demand. Firelake Grillhouse and Cocktail Bar at the hotel is prepping with fun, Minnesota style dishes. That includes a bread bowl for soup that is in the shape of a football. They are hosting several events. That means, getting everything ready to go now. Get this. To put it in perspective, they are prepping for some ten thousand napkins.

Although it will be very busy, it will also be very fun!

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