Be the Pilot, not the Passenger

Author of Leading Imperfectly, Professional Speaker, Personal Coach, and Improv Comedian James Robilotta says when it comes to hitting your goals it is important that you take charge.  Many people wait for permission or are waiting something to happen before pursuing them.  James says it’s important to remember that you are the pilot and not the passenger on the flight to accomplish your dreams.

– Why we chose to be passengers:

  1. It’s scary to believe in yourself
  2. We build roadblocks
  3. Fear of failure

– Be The Pilot:

  1. You are worth your own time
  2. Give yourself permission to fly
  3. Take responsibility: Know you are ready

– How to Fly:

  1. Send the email
  2. Sign up for the class
  3. Find your people (coach, friend, mentor)
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