Good Company: Jostens

We’re only a few days away from the big game and a few weeks away from seeing those beautiful Super Bowl rings.
Minnesota-based Jostens, known for their yearbooks and graduation regalia, has designed and created 33 of the 51 Super Bowl rings and they’re hoping to design this year’s too.

It’s all about creating the perfect ring that encapsulates the team’s story behind their perfect season. Last year’s Patriot Super Bowl ring has quite the story behind it. They were down 28 to 3 before making the greatest comeback in Super Bowl History, so to commemorate that, the owners wanted 283 diamonds on the ring, as well as 5 Lombardi trophies and the Patriots logo. That design made it the biggest Super Bowl ring yet.

Twin Cities Live reporter Kelli Hanson has Jostens story in this Good Company.

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