Levi LaVallee’s Snowmobile Backflip

Levi LaVallee is known for his crazy stunts on his snowmobile. He holds all sorts of records and titles. The Minnesota native is getting ready for another big jump. This time it’s for Super Bowl Live on Nicollet Ave. Levi will do a backflip while big crowds watch in awe. Levi has been practicing for the jump at his home in Longville. He has a huge lot of land that is full of hills, ramps, even a pit with foam to jump in. Levi says he’s excited to perform on Saturday, but is also a bit nervous. Levi has always loved a good thrill. In fact, he says his goal was always to be a professional rider. He just had no idea how it would take off. The jump at Super Bowl Live will take place Saturday, February 3rd on Nicollet Avenue and 11th Street. The fun begins at 1:30 p.m. Click on these links to learn more MNSuperBowl.com or SuperBowl.com.

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