Valentine’s Day Bouquets

Home and Garden Expert, Larry Pfarr shares ways to boost your bouquet making skills so you can make a beautiful flower arrangement right at home.

Larry’s Tips on putting together a beautiful arrangement:

1. Make fresh cuts on flower stems.
2. Keep leaves out of the water.
3. Use floral preservative from the florist or make your own.
4. When using foam, make sure the stems are pushed deep into the foam.
5. Group like flowers together for impact. Plus gives a professional look.
5. Keep arraignments away from direct sun and heat vents so they last longer.
6. Place arrangements somewhere cool at night and or during the day when you are at work.
7. Add water as needed.
8. If possible use 3 or more different types of foliage in arrangements.
9. Why the monochromatic look is easiest to do.
10. How to know how many flowers to fill a vase.

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