5/19 Movie Trip

If you need an escape from the rainy weather, there are some good movies hitting theaters this weekend. One is even celebrating its 40th anniversary. Paul McGuire Grimes, from Paul’s Trip to the Movies, shares his picks.


It’s 2104 and a space vessel named Covenant is headed toward a new planet for colonization. While in hyper sleep, an android robot named Walter runs the ship keeping it on target. He awakens the crew, but a freak cabin fire breaks out taking the life of the ship’s captain. First mate Christopher Oram takes over as acting captain despite the opposition he gets from the captain’s widow, Daniels, who’s also on board. One of the pilots on Covenant starts to pick up a rogue transmission interfering with their communications. They trace the visual and the vague voice on the other end to a nearby planet which wasn’t on their radar. Oram wants to veer off course and the delay their mission to check it out despite Daniels’ warning. Naturally, he wins out and a small expedition crew safely lands on the mysterious planet. At first sight it seems like a mountainous land full of vegetation and water. The crew stumbles upon the ruins of a space vessel containing belongings from the Prometheus ship as well as David, the android from the ship, who has been living on the planet for the past ten years. The fright factor escalates quickly at the sight of eggs which emit a tiny microorganism once touched. Two members of the expedition team become hosts to the alien species when the little spores float into their bodies. I’m sure you can imagine what lies ahead for the Covenant crew as now there are two robots, David and Walter, and a swarm of our favorite “facehuggers” who make their way toward the ship.


SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT (1977, theatrical re-release)

Burt Reynolds was in the height of his career when he played Bandit, a world champion truck driver. He accepts a challenge from a wealthy tycoon to take 400 cases Coors beer across the border from Texas to Georgia. He’ll be paid $80,000 if he can carry it off within 28 hours. It’s considered bootlegging to bring the beer east of the Mississippi River, which makes the challenge illegal if he’s caught. Along the way, he picks up a runaway bride (Sally Field) and his carefree driving makes him the target of a local Texas Sheriff, played by comedian Jackie Gleason.

Smokey and the Bandit is playing at these theaters:

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