Ruttger’s Bay Lake Lodge

Ruttger’s Bay Lake Lodge was started back in 1898. Today, it’s still family owned and operated. In fact, it’s Jack Ruttger that has been a part of the resort for sixty five years. Although, he’d argue that he was born and raised at Ruttger’s. So, in that case, he says it’s more like eighty seven years.

Jack is very humble. He loves his family business and he loves the people that have made it what it is today. It was Jack’s grandpa that started it. Folks from the plain states were coming to cool down from the hot summer days. It was never planned to have a resort, but word was spreading fast and it became a destination. Between the fishing and the good food by Jack’s grandma, it was a win win.

There have been challenges along the way, but the family has always found a way to keep moving forward. The seasons are longer now and that has helped business. There are families that have been coming to Ruttger’s for several generations. It’s the family atmosphere and the good old fashion fun that keeps people coming back. There’s shuffle board, fishing, boating, relaxation, festivals and more. In 1921, it added Minnesota’s first resort golf course.

When you come to Ruttger’s you’ll notice that people become family and friends. No one is a guest. That’s one of the reasons the resort is still such a special place for so many families.

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