Be Well with TCL: Metabolic Boost

You work out, you think you’re eating right, but you can’t shake those extra pounds. Your anxiety is through the roof, you’re not sleeping and you’re craving sugar. If this sounds like you, your metabolism may need a boost. In this Be Well with TCL, Twin Cities Live reporter Kelli Hanson takes us to Healing InSight, where a new program aimed at changing the way your metabolism works has changed a Saint Paul woman’s life one pound at a time. Metabolic Boost Acupuncture is a holistic weight loss program that uses unique abdominal acupuncture and herbal medicine to stimulate your metabolism and help you burn fat. It also combines Western and Eastern nutrition to optimize your eating and other fun tools like ear seeds to reduce cravings and keep your morale up. This 6-week program can boost your metabolism so you can stick to an eating plan and lose weight without working so hard. Metabolic Repair is a 12 week program for people whose metabolism is wrecked or isn’t working well anymore, due to a recent issue like menopause or adrenal fatigue, or perhaps have had trouble losing weight for decades. It’s also for people who need to lose more weight and need a longer period of time to do it. This program rebuilds your metabolism so you have something to boost and can drop weight again and ultimately keep it off. You can get $150 off Metabolic Boost or $250 off Metabolic Repair. Book a free consultation online or call 651-792-5222. Use promo code HEALTHYWEIGHT.

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