Wonder Women: Shawntan Howell

In this month’s installment of our “Wonder Women” series, Elizabeth meets up with the founder of an organization called “Girls Are Powerful,” dedicated to building confidence and self-esteem in all girls. But Shawntan Howell found herself in her own confidence crisis after being laid off from the corporate job she held for a decade last fall. She found herself struggling to get out of bed and says she lost her own power. Shawntan says an invitation to talk to a group about empowering girls and women came at her lowest point and saying yes helped her get her power back.

Shawntan is looking for partnerships, collaborations, donations and volunteers as she focuses on the growth of “Girls Are Powerful” full time. She also has several events coming up that girls are welcome to attend.

For more information on “Girls Are Powerful,” click here.

Big thanks to Birchwood Café in Minneapolis for hosting Elizabeth and Shawntan. They are located in the Seward Neighborhood and not only create delicious food for breakfast, lunch & dinner, but incredible community connections. Visit them online here.

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