Spring DIY Décor

Flowers aren’t in bloom, few birds are chirping, but it’s time to talk Spring! And it’s time to add Spring décor to your home. Our DIY Expert and owner of Upsy-Daisy in White Bear Lake, Danielle Rode, stopped by with easy ways to ring in Spring!

1. Floral Napkin Decoupage

This technique could be used on a number of wood surfaces: reclaimed wood used as wall décor, wood crates, wood drawer fronts, etc.

• Wood items
• Floral napkins
• Decoupage medium such as Mod Podge
• Small paint brush
• Sandpaper (220 grit)
• Painted picture frame (optional)
• Liquid nails (if you choose to frame your art)

• Napkins come in 2-ply or 3-ply layers. Separate the top layer (with floral print) from the other layers. You will only be using the floral (top layer).
• Cut the napkins to size of the top surface of your boards.
• Apply decoupage medium to the top surface of boards with a brush.
• Lay the napkins down and smooth them down.
• Once dry, sand over the napkin surface so that the napkins look weathered over time.
• Seal your surface with a final coat of decoupage medium.
Note: Could also use this technique on other wood surfaces, such as crates, trays, drawers.

2. Floral Chicken Wire Frame

• 14″ Chicken wire framed with grapevine – we found ours at our local craft store.
• Silk Flowers
• Wire snips
• Hot glue gun
• Clothes pins

• Use wire snips to cut the tops of flowers from flower stems.
• Arrange flowers on chicken wire in a way that pleases you.
• Use hot glue to adhere the flowers to the chicken wire.
• Hang photos or notes with clothes pins.

Note: You can also use a staple gun and fasten chicken wire to a wood frame as an alternative to the grapevine framed chicken wire found at a craft store.

3. Spring Cloche


• Cheese dome (found at thrift store)
• Paint – we used Country Chic Paint, but you could use any décor paint.
• Paint brush
• Sand paper (220 grit)
• Various craft items to fill your cloche such as, moss, bird nest, craft eggs, miniature chicks, bunnies, etc.


• Paint the surface of the cheese tray/board.
• Once paint is dry, lightly distress the edges by sanding them with sand paper.
• Decorate/fill with spring items of your choice.
• Place the glass dome on top and display in your home.

Note: You can glue your cloche atop a painted candle stick to give it height.

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