LearningRX: Catching Up with Elle

If your child’s teacher told you your daughter couldn’t read and she likely would never learn, you’d feel lost right? It’s how a Savage mom felt 10-years-ago when tutors weren’t working and her daughter hated the thought of opening a book. That is until something clicked, inside this 8 year’s old brain.

We first met Elle Remde as a young teen when she had completed the LearningRX. Now she’s making big plans for her future and that’s because that brain training is long lasting. Twin Cities Live reporter Kelli Hanson has her story.

LearningRX is offering TCL viewers a deal. Call (952) 949-6900 and mention Twin Cities Live to get an initial assessment for $75. That’s regularly priced at $199. Learn more about the program and find a location near you here.

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