Spring Break Travel Gear and Gadgets at MSP

Spring break is a busy time for families getting away. Whether it’s by plane or by car, gadgets and gear can make it easier and more convenient. Linda Synder from AAA Minneapolis has a list of five things to do just that.

  1. Luggage by Delsey- carry on fits under your seat and also comes in bigger sizes

Retails for $89.95

  1. Unicorn Pillows-travel pillow that folds out into a rainbow

Retails for $29.95

  1. Plaid Travel Cases-easily stores small items like earbuds and fits in a purse or small bag

Retails for $5.95

  1. Convertible Pac Safe-secure and easy to carry

Retails for $99.95

  1. Compression Cubes-put clothes in the cube and then press down and it compresses your gear so you have more room

Retails for $19.95

TCL Reporter Emily Engberg travels a lot for fun and for work. She says if you’re heading to Minneapolis Saint Paul Airport for an upcoming trip, go early. Emily says there are plenty of places to hang out and relax before your flight. MSP is special because of what it offers. In fact, for the second year in a row, it has been named the best airport in North America for its size. Here are Emily’s picks for food, fashion and fun at MSP.

  1. Stone Arch

Stone Arch celebrates the craft beer scene in Minnesota. It also pairs its menu with the beer of the season. The Craft Lab features specialty brews and allows you to talk to a local brewer.

  1. Uptown Minnesota

Uptown Minnesota is a locally owned boutique that features local and handmade gifts and jewelry. Emily says it’s her favorite spot to visit in MSP.

  1. PGA-MSP

Golf fans will love this spot. It has golf simulators, gear, a full kitchen and a putt-around lounge. It also recently became a Priority Pass Lounge.

  1. Chiroport

Get a visit with a chiropractor at the airport right before your flight. It’s a new concept and it’s already expanding to another airport. Soon it will be in Atlanta.

On Friday, March 23rd and 30th, the Minnesota Zoo will be at MSP. Travelers will get to learn about some animals that will be at the airport from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. each day. It’s a great way to be entertained before you hop on a plane. To learn more about Minnesota Zoo, click here.

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