10/16 Movie Trip

Paul McGuire Grimes, the creator of Paul’s Trip to the Movies, sat down with the stars of Clouds and gave us his review of the movie that is so close to our hearts.  Plus, he chats with the director of the new show, Tehran on AppleTV.

CLOUDS (Disney+)

The story of Zach Sobiech is well-known to many Minnesotans who have been touched by his story. Now the world will be moved as his story is now the basis for the new movie Clouds. Newcomer Fin Argus stars as Zach. He was a high school senior who was always inspiring others to be their best with his cheerful disposition. His battle with osteosarcoma looked to be given the all-clear until he was given a terminal diagnosis with six to ten months to live. His teacher, played by Lil Rel Howery, introduced him to a poem by Mary Oliver that asks “What do you want to do with your one precious life?” Sabrina Carpenter plays best friend and songwriting partner Sammy and together their music goes viral. His life and their song “Clouds” lead to millions of downloads and millions of tears.

As a Minnesotan, I appreciate how authentic he made this right down to all of the fine Minnesota details. Zach’s family was also directly involved in making this film so there’s an extra layer of heart and passion at carrying out this story.

I knew how this story was going to end, yet I continued to celebrate and cheer on his successes throughout the film. It was beyond moving to feel his determination to make every day count and inspire so many people along the way. I rarely cry at movies, and yet I broke down in ways I didn’t expect. Grab a Kleenex as Justin Baldoni has created a special movie about a very special kid.



Imagine taking off for a flight only to have to make an emergency landing due to turbulence. Now imagine landing where you are not welcome. A flight from India is forced to make an abrupt landing in Tehran. An Israeli couple is forced to depart the plane in a country where Israelis are not welcome. While they are detained, something else more nefarious is happening behind the scenes. Tamar is a Moussad agent who sneaks into Tehran in order to hack into Iranian computer systems. Her mission is to neutralize their airline systems allowing an attack from Israeli warplanes. Her mission is thwarted and now she finds herself on the run and in way over her head.

Episodes currently streaming on AppleTV+, released one episode per week. Their content is growing and worth subscribing for only $4.99 month with this, Greyhound, The Morning Show, The Oprah Conversation and more.

The pilot feels like it picks up in the middle of the story. There are plans, conflicts, and relationships already in place and the audience is set in place for an unpredictable ride.

Tehran is full of tension, dread, and you know it is not going to end well for a few of our characters. There are cliffhangers at the end of each episode.


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