Colon Health and Colonoscopies with Entira Family Clinics

March is colorectal cancer awareness month – Michael Butler with Entira Family Clinics explains the steps you can take to keep your colon healthy. A colonoscopy screening test is the most accurate way to diagnose and treat colorectal cancer. Colon cancer is preventable if the proper screening is performed. Many people don’t experience symptoms. If you do experience symptoms, they can include bloody stool, abdominal pain and iron deficiency. “The drink” is common with a colonoscopy. It’s typically a 2.5 liter liquid of polyethylene glycol or magnesium citrate which will cleanse the bowel. You can improve the taste by chilling the solution, drinking it through a straw or sucking on lemon slices. Those at risk for colon cancer are typically over age 50, have inflammatory bowel disease and/or if there is a family history. For more about Entira Family Clinics, click here.

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