Sunken Garden Flower Show at Como Park Zoo and Conservatory

Spring is in full bloom at Como Park Zoo and Conservatory. The Sunken Garden features five flower shows throughout the year. It takes days to do the switch over from one season to the next.

The spring show has more than six thousand Tulips, twelve hundred Hyacinth, more than nine hundred Daffodils, about two hundred Crocus and some two hundred Hydrangea. The colorful display of flowers fills the Sunken Garden with beauty and aroma. All sorts of colors blanket the area.

To make it just right, the team at Como keeps the room temperature at a chilly thirty eight degrees at night. The cool temp extends the life of the bulbs and makes the colors crisper. The temperature goes up to about sixty five degrees during the day to make sure guests are comfortable.

The Spring Flower Show runs through April 22nd.

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