TCL Time Travels: Oliver Kelley Farm

Twin Cities Live has teamed up with Explore Minnesota and the Minnesota Historical Society for a series called “TCL Time Travels”. We’re taking you around our state to show you some of the things you and your family can do for a day trip or a weekend getaway. As we explore the area, we find stories that involve history, interactive activities and course some fun.

Oliver Kelley Farm is a working farm that is open to the public. It dates back to the 1960’s. It gives you a feel for what it was like on the farm back then and what it would be like today. It’s a great way to be hands on. You can explore all sorts of animals on the farm. You can even feed and pet some of them. Helping with chores shows you what it’s like keeping the farm operating. You’ll learn all about the Kelley family along the way.

Oliver Kelley Farm has a new visitor center and more farm experiences. There’s a farm lab that looks at farming in the 19th century compared to today. It’s definitely a fun day that opens your eyes to why farming is so important. It’s a great way to see a farm for the first time or to go back to see what’s new. It’s great for the entire family.

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