“A Quiet Place”

Get ready for a thriller at the movie theater. “A Quiet Place” stars John Krasinski and his real life wife, Emily Blunt. Krasinksi also directed the movie. It wasn’t the plan to have Emily star with him, but after she read the script, she knew she had to be in it. This is the first time the two have teamed up on the big screen together.

“A Quiet Place” is about living in silence in order to survive. The movie is about creatures living among the public, but they are hidden until they hear something. That’s when they come out to hunt. Noah Jupe and Millicent Simmonds also star in “A Quiet Place”. Krasinski and Blunt say the two child actors are perfect for their roles. They both bring something special to their characters.

TCL reporter Emily Engberg calls the movie a thriller you don’t want to miss.

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