Total Body Workout with Resistance Loops

Fitness expert and owner of The Warehouse, Nickie Carrigan, stopped by with a few moves for a total body workout only using bands.

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Plank Jack with resistance loop/RL-elbow plank, RL placement in above ankles, jump the feet out and in. Modifications, or prerequisite would be to master plank first, and then if that is good, they could extend one foot at a time out to the side.

Runner’s Lunge with a 1/2 curl- RL is placed under right foot, and held in left hand. As back knee drops, client does a 1/2 bicep curl. Modification: choose the proper level of resistance.

Side V-up with a leg lift- RL is placed above knees, client is lying on his/her side with arm outstretched in front. Lift both legs and reach top arm toward feet. On the down, lift top leg to target glute. Modification: choose proper resistance, or eliminate RL.

Tricep Kickback- Client holds RL with right hand at chest to secure it into place. Client gets into a squat position, with elbow tucked neatly at side. With palm facing down, client pushes back to target tricep. Modification: eliminate the squat, and lower RL.

Bear Crawl- Client places RL around wrists, and comes to a quad/ped position. Lift knees and moves the right arm and right leg in synch, and left arm and left leg in synch, going forward and backward. Modification: Eliminate RL.

Lateral Crawl 1/2 Surrender- Client places RL above knees, and goes to a kneeling position. Client leads with outside leg, and moves to the right one kneeling side step, and then comes up to squat position. Come down the same way, and repeat on the other side. Modification: choose proper RL, or eliminate RL.

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