Summer Bucket List Goals

Pool days, BBQ’s, cabin trips… it’s hard to imagine summer when it still feels like its January outside. Best-selling author, Kristen Brown says it’s time to start thinking about your summer bucket list right now. She stopped by with four goals and how to tackle them this summer.

Reasons why it’s important to have a summer bucket list:
• Summer is so busy that it can get away from you and you get to fall and realize all you did was run around and not do what you really wanted.
• It helps you move forward with a big or small goal.
• It relieves stress by boosting endorphins and balancing out the busy schedule with fun stuff.

Some popular summer bucket list items:

Travel, add more adventure to your life
• Why do you want to travel? (adventure, fun, expose kids/yourself to new places, etc?)
• Where do you want to go?
• Budget if needed.
• Pick your dates and travel companions.
• Research and book it.

Get more organized
• Why do you want to get organized?
• Where can you start small? (junk drawer, closet, garage shelf, shed?)

Cut back on technology
• Why do you want to be tech-less?
• Choose a 15 minute period each day when you’ll be tech-free. Build from there.
• Loop in others – family, friends, etc.
• Put it on the calendar.

Find a workout you love
• Why do you want to workout? (health, fun, learn new skill, more energy, look hot, etc.)
• What kinds of things did you love as a kid?
• Experiment to find things you love. If you hate it you won’t do it.
• Schedule short sessions to start – 10-20 minutes. Build from there.
• Do it with friends or family to make it fun and motivating. Have contests.

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