Sound Hound Canine Massage

Humans love massages. So, why can’t your favorite four legged friend enjoy it, too? Sound Hound Canine Massage is all about making your dog happy and healthy.

Heidi Hesse is a certified canine massage therapist. Heidi got into the business after her own dog, Lulu, was getting slower going up the stairs. Heidi did some research and thought why can’t her dog benefit from massage just like she does when she gets one? After a few sessions with a massage therapist, Lulu was doing better. From there, Heidi knew she wanted to help other dogs. So, she got certified and started working hard to complete the courses needed to make it happen.

Heidi loves helping other pets. She makes in-home visits to help all sorts of breeds, but it does tend to be older dogs and dogs recovering from surgeries that she sees most often. However, all dogs (like humans) can benefit from massage. It helps with all sorts of things including boosting the dog’s immune system, increases circulation and helps reduce anxiety and stress.

To learn more about Sound Hound Canine Massage, click here.

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