Mystic Lake Center

Mystic Lake is new and improved! It’s brand new 70,000 square foot facility called Mystic Lake Center and it’s now open to the public.

Twin Cities Live reporter Emily Engberg took us on a tour during construction one year ago. She takes us back in to see it all finished. Today, it’s gorgeous and busy. Multiple events have already been held at the new facility which is helping make Mystic Lake a full service resort destination. The center has a a modern, upscale feel and it has all sorts of amenities. The look of the facility is based on nature it showcases unique colors and designs.

Mystic Lake Center makes Mystic Lake Casino Hotel one of the biggest in the Twin Cities metro area. It has nearly 180 beautiful hotel rooms with golf course views. In addition to the new spaces, Mystic Steakhouse is adding new dishes to its spring menu.

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