10/6 Movie Trip

Paul McGuire Grimes, creator of Paul’s Trip to the Movies, sat down with one of the stars of the new movie, The Gloria’s.  He also got to chat with Craig Ferguson and Kathie Lee Gifford about their new movie, Then Came You.

THE GLORIAS (Amazon Prime)

We first saw the work of Gloria Steinem featured in the Hulu series Mrs. America and now we’re getting more of it in The Glorias. Writer/director Julie Taymor uses Steinem’s memoir “My Life on the Road” as the basis for this film. The structure features four actresses playing Steinem throughout different periods of her life all gathered on a bus together looking back at the life she’s led. We have Alicia Vikander as Steinem in her twenties whose trip to India paved the way for her feminism. Julianne Moore also plays Steinem when she created Ms. Magazine leading into the fight for the Equal Rights Amendment.

-It’s evident Steinem has led a full life and The Glorias tries a little too hard to cover all of that. At times, the film is too choppy and needed more focus, but in the end, it’s an insightful look at the influence Steinem had on so many people.



THEN CAME YOU (Video OnDemand)

Kathie Lee Gifford is a jack of all trades. Along with starring in the new movie Then Came You, she wrote the screenplay, the music, and produces the film. Gifford plays Annabelle Wilson who is newly widowed and takes her husband’s ashes on a road trip to Europe to visit all of their favorite filming locations. Her first stop takes her to Scotland and there she meets the gruff yet charming Howard Awd, the innkeeper of the castle she’s staying in. He’s played by Craig Ferguson.

-Kathie Lee Gifford wrote the film loosely inspired by her own history of being a widower. Her character of Annabelle is not unlike herself as someone who is outgoing, a singer, and not afraid to go on an adventure and try new things.

-I think many moviegoers will be able to relate to these struggles as a reflection on life and where to take this new chapter after a loved one passes.  What do you accomplish and set out to do at this stage? You can tell this is a labor of love for Kathie Lee Gifford and it should appeal the demographic of these characters.

-Adult romances like Then Came You can be hard to come by, but Gifford has a winner on her hands. Does it break new ground? No, but it doesn’t have to either. It’s sweet, charming, and a mental getaway that is very much needed at this time.


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