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Ken Coleman is America’s Career Coach, the #1 national bestselling author of The Proximity Principle, the nationally-syndicated radio host of The Ken Coleman Show and Ramsey Personality. Pulling from his own personal struggles, missed opportunities and career successes, Ken helps people discover what they were born to do and provides practical steps to make their dream job a reality. The Ken Coleman Show is a caller-driven career show that helps people learn, grow, and challenge themselves in their professional lives.

New Rules for Landing a Job in the Age of Covid

  • Start working on 2021 now.
    • For most industries, companies finalize payroll for new jobs during November and December. But it’s January and February when most of the hiring is done.
    • Start the search now, so you’re ahead of the game.
    • Most people want to leave 2020 behind them. So get clear on what you want 2021 to look like.
  • Don’t overcomplicate the requirements.  
    • The future of work has changed dramatically. Major tech companies like Google, Tesla, Facebook- no longer demand traditional four-year degrees.
    • Stay in your zip code! Covid has made remote work the norm- and that includes major coastal companies that no longer require relocation.
    • Many good paying jobs only require simple certifications/training that can be completed online.
  • Don’t be hindered by any lack of experience.
    • It’s all about value. What can you bring to an organization? Value isn’t exclusive to experience.
    • Be willing to take entry level, low paying gigs to help you move up the ladder.
    • Good leaders hire passion over skills. Make sure your personal values align with the job you want.
  • Relationships are more important than ever.
    • Yes- it is possible to network with someone without meeting face to face. A simple zoom chat can be very impactful.
    • There are millions of resumes to compete against. Who you know is your advantage and how you stand out in the stack.
    • Use hand written notes! In a 100% digital work environment- a note on paper can make all the difference.

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