Be Well: Oriental Massage and Essential Oils

Whether you’re feeling a bit tense or maybe you pulled something this weekend cleaning up the yard, a really good massage could just hit the spot. You could pay top dollar or you could learn how to do it yourself. In this Be Well with TCL, Senia Mae and Nicki Balian from Healing Insight in Saint Paul were in studio with 3 massage techniques that can have you feeling better fast.

Oiental massage is called Tui Na, which means “to push and grasp”, and uses different techniques from your typical relaxation massage. You can also combine essential oils to help boost the effects of a massage.

Rolling (Gun Fa)
? DEMO: Use the back of your hand to massage large areas like the back
? Best for: Holding stress and tension in your upper back, chronic neck pain, headaches
? What it does: Warms the meridian, relaxes muscles, releases chronic tension, smooths the connective tissue, promotes circulation and tones the tissue
? Easiest for someone else to do this on you
? Essential oil pairing: Lavender
o Lavender is calming, relieves headaches and helps promote better sleep
o #1 most important and versatile essential oil to have on hand

Bird Pecking (Zhou Zi Fa)
? DEMO: Use three fingers to concentrate pressure into an acupuncture point or along a meridian
? Best for: sciatic pain or IT band tightness
? What it does: Removes stagnation, strongly breaks up tension and adhesions in the connective tissue, promotes circulation and quiets the nerves
? You can do this technique on yourself or others
? Essential oil pairing: Cypress
o Cypress strongly moves the blood, soothes & calms the nervous system, reduces muscle fatigue, improves muscle tone

Abdominal massage
? DEMO: Use palms of both hands, alternate between them and gently massage the lower abdomen below the navel
? Best for: PMS cramps, emotional stress, hormonal imbalance, mood swings
? What it does: Increases blood flow, relieves painful uterine cramping (antispasmodic), balances hormones, sedating
? You can do this on yourself
? Essential oil pairing: Clary Sage
o Clary sage focuses in the hormonal system and is excellent for reducing abdominal cramping, dysmenorrhea, endometriosis, PMS, reduces emotional stress and mood swings (NOT FOR USE WHEN PREGNANT)

Healing InSight’s women’s health specialist Nicki Balian has 10 years’ experience combining these techniques with acupuncture to help with everything ranging from back pain to migraines, PMS to fertility. Her Women’s Renewal Retreat combines Acupuncture followed by a 30 Minute Massage, and she loves to use essential oils!

Get Women’s Renewal Retreat (Acupuncture plus a 30 Minute Massage) for $125 and get a complimentary essential oil sample. Value $150. Use promo code ACUMASSAGE at or call 651-792-5222. Gift certificates for Mother’s Day also available!

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