As Seen On TV Products: Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial kick off to summer. That means, family gatherings, barbecues and of course hanging out at home and at the cabin. Reporter Emily Engberg found some products that could make those get-togethers more productive and if nothing else, more fun. Here are five products that Emily says are worth checking out. 1. Curl A Dog Slicer for gourmet tasting dogs $9.95 Em’s Grade: B 2. Samurai 360 Knife Makes cutting and slicing easier $14.99 Em’s Grade: B 3. Scrub Daddy Pot and Pan scrubber $3.99 Em’s Grade: A 4. Aqua Dog Dish Water Bottle for Your Dog $19.99 Em & Elizabeth’s Grade: A 5. Atomic Beam Lantern Bright Light powered by batteries and easily transported $19.99 Em’s Grade: A

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