Outdoor Park Workouts

The last six months have been a challenge for gyms.  Many studios have been offering some of their classes outside.  Brittany Runck is at Central Park with Nickie Carrigan, owner of The Warehouse, where her team has been offering outdoor classes.

Mention TCL for one week free of classes at The Warehouse in Rosemount.

The workout will begin with Move 1, and then clients will run a lap, come back to their space and do Move 1, and Move 2.  They will continue that pattern of work until they get all the way through moves 1-5.

Move 1: 10 x count hold plank on elbows followed by 10 x Hand Release Superman Push-ups

  • Plank is there to stabilize the body and activate the muscles of  the body. Hand Release Push-ups will build total body strength

Move 2:  10xDog Bear Burpee

  • The Dog Bear Burpee focuses on core strength and mobility while revving up the heart rate.

Move 3: 10x Power Squat Jumps

  • These squats will focus on activation, and explosion by having a slow descent into position, holding the low position, and exploding upward.

Move 4: 10x Lateral jump Butt Kickers

  • With a hop, 1, 2, we will work on agility and moving laterally in our space.

Move 5: 10x Back Lunges (5 on each leg)

  • The back lunge helps us strengthen the lower body strength unilaterally (one side at a time) to help address imbalances, and challenge the core.


Cooking With the Carrigan’s

Nickie’s Egg Roll in a Bowl Recipe Inspiration: https://pinchofyum.com/15-minute-meal-prep-egg-roll-in-a-bowl?fbclid=IwAR094GEPGwyPc4c0-RkjECwrdSmHHPD4afftm3djLPK_VSvxEpZ_jfR9I3s

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