Origami in the Garden

Most of us have had some sort of experience seeing or maybe even trying our hand at origami. But wait until you see origami turned into sculptures. Origami is art made by folding a flat piece of paper usually without making cuts or using glue. Now, those pieces of art are in a new exhibit called “Origami in the Garden” at Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.

“Origami in the Garden” features forty bronze, aluminum or steel sculptures outside in the garden in twenty five displays. Inside, you’ll find another twenty four pieces. They include origami paper models, wall hangings and more.

“Origami in the Garden” was created by Kevin and Jennifer Box. They teamed up with artists from all over the world to find the perfect pieces. The process is pretty incredible and tedious. It starts with a blank piece of paper. Then, each sculpture goes through a thirty five step, twelve week process of casting. Kevin then makes the pieces look like the paper that was used in the folding. He does it with a special process all by hand. His technique took a lot of trial and error, but the end product made it all worth it.

The tallest sculpture in the garden is Master Peace. It’s twenty five feet tall and Emily Engberg calls it breath taking. She says it makes it even more interesting because of the reflection on the water below. Depending on where you stand, you get an even better view. It’s also the heaviest sculpture coming in at a whopping ten thousand pounds.

The smallest sculpture is Armijo’s Mouse at just two and a half inches tall. It can be found in the Learning Center.

Reporter Emily Engberg calls this exhibit the best she has seen at the arboretum. She says it’s a great spot for mom and dad to walk around with the kiddos, too. If you see “Origami in the Garden” now in the spring, it will look different later on during the next season. It is at Minnesota Landscape Arboretum through October 21, 2018.

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