MMT’s “High Fidelity” at The Electric Fetus

Minneapolis Musical Theatre is doing something way out of the box and it is creating quite a bit of buzz. They are doing the pop rock musical “High Fidelity”. It’s based on the 1995 novel by Nick Hornby and the 2000 movie starring John Cusack and Jack Black. The entire movie takes place in a record store. So, MMT is leaving the theatre and doing their production live in The Electric Fetus in Minneapolis. The Electric Fetus is iconic. It dates back to 1968. It sells records, DVDs, Movies, LPS and more.

Doing a show in a record store is not only really cool to watch, it’s also challenging. Emily Engberg went to the casts’ only rehearsal in the space before the show opens. They are doing all of their other rehearsals in their normal spot, so making sure it’s just right during their one chance to tweak changes, is critical. The team had to take into consideration the height of where the records are displayed. So, they had to build platforms for the actors along the aisles. Unlike a normal theatre setting, there are no seats. It’s much more like a concert. The audience gets to move around and stand where they’d like during the entire production. It gives it a completely different feel from any other show. Nothing like this has been done at The Electric Fetus.

Emily says the entire concept is so intriguing and fun to watch. Whether you’re a theater lover or someone who rarely goes to a show, this one is one to see.

“High Fidelity” runs May 4th through the 20th. Tickets are $30.

To learn more about MMT, the show and to buy tickets, click here.

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