Good Company: Tonkadale Greenhouse

Spring fever is here! Actually it’s pretty much come and gone. A lot of us are already looking toward summer and that means we’ll start to see green and a lot of color. It’s a welcome sight for greenhouses, one in particular that’s called Minnetonka home since the 1940s. In this Good Company, Kelli takes us to Tonkadale, where a fresh face and a new generation hopes to create a younger green thumb.

35-year-old Jessica Jacobson grew up helping her grandparents at Tonkadale Greenhouse. It’s been in her family since the late 70’s. But her grandparents bought the greenhouse from a gradening pioneer, Bob Anderson. Bob developed 200 new cultivars during his career and was considered a pioneer in the African violet breeding community.

Jessie has made it her mission to get the younger generation excited about gardening and has a fresh new approach to keep the industry vibrant and growing.

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