Make Springtime YOU time

Spring is usually about To Do lists – getting things done. You may think you’re already behind and that’s where added stress comes into the picture. Life Coach, Barbara Churchill provided tips about how you can start making yourself a priority.

1. Make Yourself a Priority:
First and foremost – decide. Make a decision that you are important and you need to take care of you before anyone else. Before the kids get out of bed or your start checking work emails. Carve out some time for you to take care of you. Put it on your calendar.

• Bookend your days – Start your day with something that is good for you and you enjoy: walking, running or yoga – some way of moving your body. You create endorphins – those feel-good hormones that make everything better and gives you energy. Or before your feet hit the floor, list 5 things you’re grateful for and really feel that gratitude.

• Make a list of 5 activities that bring you joy. Then, next to each one, list the last time you did it. Now, look at that list and determine which activities you haven’t done in the past 2-3 months and pick one to schedule on your calendar. No guilt. No excuses. It’s time to get some joy back into your life and do what you love.

Enlist the help of your family and those around you. Let them know what you’re doing and why it’s so important to you. Ask them to help remind you to take time for you – each day. It’s so fun to involved the entire household AND you’re modeling important behavior for your kids, spouse and friends.

2. Love Yourself
We are our harshest critics, aren’t we? That critical voice shows up in our heads, comparing us to others or finding flaws. Rarely do we have really positive thoughts about ourselves. We see all the negatives when we look in the mirror.

• Post-Its: We keep hearing about affirmations and it’s because they WORK! Take a pack of Post-Its and write phrases that are believable to you on them. Then put those love notes all around your house – fridge, bathroom mirror, car, computer. Write them in the first-person and read them out loud each time you see one – I am funny, I am kind, I am a loving mom, I am a great friend. Whatever makes you feel good – post it! Make sure to use the phrase “I am…” It’s THE most powerful way to affirm what you want.

3. Build Confidence:
So many people don’t make themselves a priority because they think it’s selfish. When you practice the first 2 tips, your confidence will naturally increase. Once you make that commitment to yourself to take great care of the amazing person that you are, you will show up in your life differently. You’ll have more energy. You’ll have more fun. You’ll be better at your job. Plus – you’ll be the best version of you – and when that happens, everyone wins.

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