Children’s Theatre Company: The Lorax

Dr. Seuss’ famed booked The Lorax comes to life on stage for audiences at Children’s Theatre Company in Minneapolis. The show is in partnership with The Old Vic in London, England and The Old Globe in San Diego, California. The show will focus on environmental concerns like deforestation, pollution and melting ice caps. These were all issues when the book was written some fifty years ago and they are still a part of conversations today.

The Lorax itself is a bright orange puppet. Three actors handle its movements. There’s one actor that moves the feet and legs. Another works the arms and then there’s someone who is the voice and also moves the head. The entire process is quite interesting and also show the talent of this cast. When asked how to describe this show, the actors told Emily Engberg that it’s fun, silly, educational, and also serious all wrapped up in one. There’s humor for kids and some inside jokes for the adults.

The Lorax runs through June 10th. To learn more about the show and to buy tickets to Children’s Theatre Company, click here.

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