Being Selfish

Putting your needs first and only seeking out things to fulfill your own wants and desires may sound selfish but personal coach James Robilotta recommends it.  There is one area of your life – your energy – that he says you should be selfish.

Many of us are exhausted because we give our energy to things and people that we cannot control.

– Where does our energy go?

  1. Helping others that give you nothing in return
  2. The pursuit of perfectionism
  3. Things we cannot control (annoying co-workers, other’s habits, etc.)

– Good Selfish vs. Bad Selfish

  1. Know what you deserve – love, respect, grace…
  2. Doing things that bring you joy – NOT sacrificing your goals
  3. Realizing you don’t have to apologize for existing

– How to take back your energy:

  1. Learn the power of “No”
  2. Speak up for yourself – take up space
  3. Focus on what you CAN control
  4. Start outlining a goal you have

Get a copy of James’ book, Leading Imperfectly.

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