Fun Household Hacks

We all have things around our house that we tend to toss when we’re done with them. But some of these items can be used in new ways. Reporter Emily Engberg has some interesting new uses for a handful of items that may surprise you.


Instead of tossing the tops after you cut them, put them in your water to add flavor. Easy and no waste!

Wine bottles:

Use them to store your winter boots upright. They help keep the shape of the boot and they won’t fall over in your closet.

You can also use candle holders with tea lights for a fun way to display a pretty bottle. Patina is among some stores that sell options.

Shower caps:

Save the caps from hotels and use them for your hair and then use them for traveling with shoes. Cover the shoes and they will keep your clothes clean in your suitcase.

Shower hooks:

This idea was found on Bright Side. Use them to hold up the loop of your jeans. When you hang them in your closet, they will stay organized and in place and they will also save room.

Rubber bands:

This hack was found on Bright Side. Put them on the hangers’ edges so shirts don’t fall off.

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