9/4 Movie Trip

Our movie guy, Paul McGuire Grimes chats with the stars of the new movie, Tenet. And he gives us his take on Disney’s Mulan.

TENET (Only in theaters)

The first big film to test movie audiences as to whether they will head back into movie theaters is Tenet, the latest from writer/director Christopher Nolan. John David Washington is at the center of this story and is referred to as “The Protagonist” He’s pulled out of a medically induced coma after a failed mission only to continue on his mission. It’s one that’s hard for him to conceive of and understand as it involves the inversion of time. Simply put, he’s trying to prevent World War III which would be worse than a nuclear holocaust. The man he’s trying to stop is a Russian oligarch played by Kenneth Branagh. Helping the Protaganist is Neil, played by Robert Pattison and Elizabeth Debicki as the oligarch’s estranged wife.



MULAN (Disney+ Premium Access)

The latest Disney animated classic getting the live action reboot is Mulan. As a young girl, Mulan was always a rambunctious child whose eye for adventure knew no boundaries. She was not the girly girl that her mother wanted her to be under traditional Chinese culture. Now as a young woman, played by Yifei Liu, she finds her calling when her kingdom comes under attack. The Emperor of China calls upon one man of every household to fight in the army. With her father in failing physical health, Mulan poses as a male warrior to fight in the army.

It may not come for free on Disney+, but for $29.99 you will own it unlike other OnDemand rentals.


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