Pet Adoption Advice with NutriSource

Elizabeth got some advice on pet adoption from our friends at NutriSource. Here are two things to do with newly adopted pets from Raising Your Paws.

If you have had an adopted dog or cat for a while, and are having some behavior or training problems, there is an organization that can help. They have training programs for dogs, cats and birds, especially designed for the adopted pet. They offer virtual help for pet parents all over the world.

Check out “A Sound Beginning.”

You can hear a conversation with one of their lead dog trainers on the Raising Your Paws Podcast Episode #71.

Stress and all the new changes can upset your pet’s digestive tract causing some tummy issues and loose stools.

NutriSource pet foods have special prebiotics and probiotics (as part of the Good 4 Life system)  that provide good gut health and aid in regulating their stools. Check out their website to learn more about how the Good 4 Life system will help your new four- legged family members.


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