Boost Your Metabolism

Spring is when allergies settle in and you might be feeling extra groggy. But if this is an every day occurrence where your head just feels extra heavy, it could have something to do with your metabolism. Senia Mae, the owner of Healing InSight in Saint Paul, stopped by to explain the three signs your metabolism is broken and what can be done to fix it. In Chinese Medicine, your metabolism is viewed as a pilot light that’s stored in your lower abdomen. Senia says that’s why feeling cold all the time could be a sign that your metabolism is broken and your pilot light is snuffed out. At Healing InSight, Senia uses a heat lamp and acupuncture points to warm up the body and begin to flush the system out. In addition to the heat lamp, an herbal salve called Moxa Balm, will help drive the heat deeper. Another sign your metabolism may be broken is the feeling that your body is heavy all the time and feeling groggy. Senia says this could be a sign that dampness has settled into your body. Acupuncture points in the top of the head and on the legs can help clear your mind and points in the legs and start to help flush your system. A third sign that your metabolism could be working extra hard is feeling tired all the time. Senia says certain herbs can help rebuild your metabolism and light your pilot light. Twin Cities Live Deal Receive $150 off the Metabolic Boost Package or $250 off the Metabolic Repair Package Promo Code: HEALTHYWEIGHT Good thru May 31st, 2018 Book a free consultation online or call (651) 792-5222

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