Yard Game Roundup

Twin Cities Live Reporter Emily Engberg loves a good night of games, especially ones outside. She is a big fan of bocce ball and bags or corn hole, but we’re thinking outside the box on this segment. Emily has come up with a list of some fun and unique games that will get any party started. She has a handful of options for the kids and the big kids at heart. 1. Snake Eyes Snake Eyes is a Minneapolis company that makes all sorts of wooden yard games. They even have what they call party packs. So, they are very easy to travel with. Emily loves the fact that they are made here, they will last forever and they are all different. Her favorite has been their version of the dice game, but now they have a brand new game called Yard Words. You can spell out all sorts of words with the dice. They also have Pop Your Tops that will definitely be entertaining for your guests. To learn more about each game and how they work, click here. Text YARD to 42379 by 9 a.m. Tuesday, May 15, 2018 for your chance to win “Yard Words” from the company Snake Eyes. Plus, Snake Eyes is offering 10% off orders of their yard dice, yard words, snake eyes pop your top, tic-tac-toe products. Just use the word TCL at checkout. The offer also includes USA and LIVIN edition dice. The Twin Cities Live deal is good through Sunday, May 20, 2018. 2. Pop ‘N’ Catch Emily says this is fun for the younger kids, but the adults can have fun with them, too. You basically play catch with yourself or a partner. You can do it in the water or on dry land. The balls can launch up to twenty five feet, making it even more fun and challenging. You can purchase it on Amazon. 3. Flickin’ Chicken This will be fun for the kids in your life. Get ready to flick a chicken in an attempt to land it on the target. The person with the lowest score after nine rounds, wins. This game can be found on Amazon, at Target and other stores. 4. Doody Head This game is as funny as it sounds. You throw a piece of fabric (yes, it looks like poo) and you attempt to get it to stick to the Velcro that is atop your partner’s head. It will keep you laughing. And no, it’s not just for the kids. This game can be found at Walmart, Amazon and many other stores. It’s also on Ebay.

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