Cool Cooler Bags

Minnesotans love spring and summer. After sticking out a the long, cold winter everyone is ready for a the nice weather. That means lots of outside time at the cabin, on the lake or river and at home on the patio. Now, taking your drinks and food along doesn’t have to be in a boring old cooler. There are tons of cute and cool coolers that will keep you in style no matter where you’re headed. Emily Engberg went on the hunt and found four that she can’t get enough of.

Floral bag at UPTOWN at Minneapolis Saint Paul Airport

Emily found this bag at MSP airport. The airport has some unexpected shops and this one is all about unique and cute brands that make a statement. This bag has a floral design and doubles as a beach bag. Even though Emily found hers at the airport, it’s made by the company bando and can be found online. It retails for $33.00.

Grapefruit cooler bag by Bando

This bag is not only cute, but it’s an actual cooler that looks like a grapefruit. Emily says it’s a good bag that can also hold some flip flops, a swimsuit and a small towel if you’re heading to the beach. This is a statement piece that looks like anything, but a cooler.

Scout “Pleasure Chest” bag

Emily says this one comes in different colors and if you want something bigger, they have those as well. Emily says this one is easy to carry, it’s not too big and it is stylish. You can carry four wine bottles or a six pack, but it’s also great to stack snacks. It also has a side pouch to carry napkins or utensils.


YETI has all sorts of coolers. Big and small, but Emily is a fan of the Hopper Two 20. It’s higher in price, but your ice will last all day, your drinks will be chilled and it’s easy to dump the ice when the party is over. It also has a strap that makes it easy to carry. This bag can hold 16 cans.

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