The North Star at Valleyfair

When you go to Valleyfair, you go in search of endless entertainment. And boy, do they deliver! In droves. They’ve got rides for everyone in your crew. From the tiny tots to the thrill seekers.

TCL Host Steve Patterson made his way to Shakopee on a mission. To ride a ride he didn’t ever really plan to ride. What ride, you ask? And how many times did you just read the word ride. For the former: The North Star. As for the latter: Four. Unless you count the last one. Then it was five.

The North Star, for the uninitiated, stands at nearly 230 feet tall. When suspended from the top of the massive structure, you find yourself in a swing seventeen stories up, as you spin at a speed of 40 mph. Wow! Patterson managed to survive the experience with only a limited number of screams and squeals. Despite his fear, he maintains that the North Star makes the rider feel like he is flying. Unlike any other ride he’s been on. It’s pretty unreal. And the views are truly one-of-a-kind!

For ticket info, click here.

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