Saint Paul Saints

Baseball is back in Saint Paul. The Saint Paul Saints home opener at CHS Field is Monday, May 21st at 3:05 against the Chicago Dogs.

The Saint Paul Saints are known for more than just baseball. They are also known for fun. A whole lot of fun. In fact, the motto “Fun is good” is what sets the Saints apart from other teams. The fan interaction is what brings a lot of families to CHS Field in Lowertown.

There are all sorts of new things happening this year. That includes food. You can of course have the old go-to of a hot dog, brat, beer and nachos. But there’s so much more to taste, too. The Saints will now be serving up everything from a Mac Daddy Burger (burger with mac and cheese patty and bacon, lettuce, tomato and onion) to a Belly Buster (mac and cheese with cornbread and meat). They also have some new sweet treats, including Blackberry White Chocolate Cupcakes.

There’s a new spot for beer lovers. There’s a special table where you can pour yourself a beer. It seats you and eleven of your friends.

Sota Clothing is also teaming up with the Saints this year. They made t-shirts, hats, hoodie and more for fans. You can buy the items at CHS Field near the Broadway Street entrance and online at

To learn more about the Saint Paul Saints and to buy tickets to a game, click here.

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