Reduce Stress For Your Senses

If your senses are overloaded then it might be the time change things up and fill your senses with things that are more calm and refreshing. The Happy Medium Jodi Livon shares about things you can smell, taste, touch, hear and see that will help you reduce your stress and possibly enhance your intuition.

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SEE: Blue Flowers

Blue is a stress releasing color & flowers can lift a mood as well! It is associated with peace, repose, wisdom, and tranquility. Bluebird Hydrangea, Blue Iris…Blue symbolizes hope and peace

HEAR: Listening to music can release stress.  

TASTE: Pumpkin Seeds

They are a great source of tryptophan, the amino acid that converts to the neurotransmitter serotonin in the brain. They are loaded with incredible nutrients and health benefits, including vitamin E, zinc, protein, and magnesium.

SMELL: Lavender & lemon balm

Lavender is the most well recognized scent used to help with everything from insomnia, the blues, anxiety and so much more. It is used in hospitals to aid in stress reduction. Lemon balm is often used to aid in digestion, and reduce colic, anxiety and tension. It contains rosmarinic acid antioxidant that is thought to have antimicrobial and antimicrobial features.

TOUCH/FEEL: Selenite means moon in Greek 

It is a healing crystal and is great for enhancing creativity and clarity, team-spirit and clearing a space energetically speaking. The next time you have acupuncture, see a chiropractor or have a massage you may spot some selenite in the office!

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