Advice on Veggie Gardens

Larry Pfarr has been the go-to garden guy on channel 5 for over 20 years. He’s the expert we go to for our gardening questions! This year, he’s getting a lot of questions about the tomatoes.

Larry’s tips for taking care of tomatoes:

  1. Pinch back leaves and plant deeper
  2. Fertilize them
  3. Stake them or use tomato cages
  4. Know the difference between Determinate vs. Indeterminate tomatoes. (Determinate tomatoes grow to be about 3-4 feet tall. Indeterminate tomatoes grow until the first frost and can reach up to 12 feet.)

General tips on veggies:

  1. Make sure they get full sun. They need 8 or more hours of sun each day.
  2. They need rich, loamy soil. Loam is soil composed mostly of sand, silt, and clay.
  3. Rotate your crops – don’t grow the same thing in the same spot each year.

Grow your herbs and veggies in containers. The bigger, the better but make sure they are at least 12 inches for vegetables and at least 10 inches for herbs. Use potting soil, look for plants or seeds that say “compact”, “dwarf”, or “patio” on the label. The containers still need to be in full sunlight.

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